"Good books on the Good Book"
Author Title Publisher Format Length Condition ListPrice Price Keyword
Whyte, Alexander, The Apostle Paul (Jennings & Graham, n.d.) Hardcover. 231pp. Very good condition, name on flyleaf. Out of print. 12.50 Biblical Studies, Biography
Vos, Gerhardus, The Teaching of Jesus Concerning the Kingdom and the Church (Eerdmans, 1958) Hardcover. 105pp. Very good condition. Out of print in hb. 15.00 Biblical Studies, Theology
Jeremias, Joachim, Rediscovering the Parables (Scribners, 1966) Paperback. 191pp. Excellent condition. Out of print. 7.50 Biblical Studies, Commentary
Unger, Merrill F., Unger's Bible Dictionary (3rd ed.) (Moody, 1980) Hardcover with thumb indexing. 1192pp. + 16 maps. Very good condition, appears unmarked. Out of print. 15.00 Reference, Biblical Studies
Edersheim, Alfred, The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (Eerdmans, 1971) Large hardcover. Over 1500pp. THE classic Life of Christ! Very good condition. 15.00 Life of Christ, Biblical Studies
Edersheim, Alfred, The Temple: Its Ministry and Services as They Were at the Time of Christ (Eerdmans, 1951) Hardcover. 414pp. Very good condition. 15.00 Biblical Studies
Edersheim, Alfred, Old Testament Bible History (AP&A, n.d.) Paperback. 666pp. Very good condition. 10.00 Biblical Studies
Austin-Sparks, T., Our Warfare (Witness & Testimony Lit. Trust, n.d.) Hardcover. 104pp. Excellent condition. Out of print. 15.00 Sermons, Biblical Studies
Meyer, F.B., Moses: The Servant of God (CLC, 1978) Paperback. 189pp. Very good condition 6.00 Biography, Biblical Studies
Pink, Arthur W., The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross (Baker, 1962) Hardcover. 134pp. Inscription on flyleaf, torn dust jacket, otherwise very good. Out of print in hb. 8.50 Biblical Studies, Life of Christ
Schultz, Samuel J., The Old Testament Speaks: A Complete Survey of Old Testament History and Literature (4th. ed.) (H&R, 1990) Hardcover. 436pp. Excellent condition. Out of print. 17.50 Biblical Studies, Theology
Pink, Arthur W., Gleanings in Genesis (Moody, 1922) Hardcover. 412pp. Good condition, unmarked. Out of print. 15.00 Theology, Biblical Studies
Coogan, Exum & Stager, eds., Scripture and Other Artifacts: Essays on the Bible and Archaeology in Honor of Philip J. King (W/JKP, 1994) Hardcover. 452pp. New. (lists @ 28.95) 14.50 Archaeology & Bible Background, Biblical Studies
Harris, Roberta L., The World of the Bible (Thames & Hudson, 1995) Hardcover. 192pp. Very good condition. (lists @ 29.95) 15.00 Archaeology & Bible Background, Biblical Studies
Perry & Hanson, Romans: A Model for Bible Study Methods (Moody, 1982) Paperback. 189pp. Very good condition, pastor's seal and numbering on a couple pages, otherwise unmarked. Out of print. 8.50 Biblical Studies
Allen, Charlotte, The Human Christ: The Search for the Historical Jesus (Free Press, 1998) Hardcover. 383pp. New. (lists @ 26.00) 13.00 Biblical Studies, Biography
Anderson, Hugh, Jesus and Christian Origins: A Commentary on Modern Viewpoints (Oxford, 1964) Hardcover. 368pp. Name blacked out, other writing on flyleaf. Long out of print. 10.00 Biblical Studies
Auerbach, Elias, Moses (Wayne State, 1975) Hardcover. 253pp. Excellent condition, writing on flyleaf, stains on dust jacket. Out of print. 12.50 Biblical Studies, Biography
Barrett, C.K., The Epistle to the Romans (Harpers NT Commentary) (H&R, 1957) Hardcover. 294pp. Very good condition, former owners name/stamp on flyleaf. Out of print. 15.00 Biblical Studies, Commentary
Beare, Frank W., The Earliest Records of Jesus: A Companion to Huck's Synopsis (Abingdon, 1962) Hardcover. 254pp. Ex-library, light pencil marking. Out of print. 8.50 Biblical Studies
Beck, Norman A., Mature Christianity in the 21st Century: Recognition and Repudiation of the Anti-Jewish Polemic in the New Testament (rev. & expanded ed.) (Crossroad, 1994) Hardcover. 372pp. Like new. (listed @ 26.95) 13.50 Biblical Studies, Theology
Beegle, Dewey M., Prophecy and Prediction (Pryor Pettingill, 1978) Paperback. 274pp. Excellent condition. 6.50 Biblical Studies, Theology
Bornkamm, Gunther, Paul (H&R, 1971) Hardcover. 260pp. Minor marking, otherwise very good condition. 10.00 Biblical Studies, Biography
Branscomb, B. Harvie, The Gospel of Mark (Moffatt NT Commentary) (Harper, n.d.) Hardcover. 314pp. Very good condition, unmarked, name/bookplate on flyleaf. Out of print. 10.00 Biblical Studies, Commentary
Bright, John, A History of Israel (2nd ed.) (Westminster, 1972) Hardcover. 519pp. plus 16 maps. Some marking. 10.00 Biblical Studies
Bright, John, Jeremiah (Anchor Bible) (Doubleday, 1979) Hardcover. 372pp. Very good condition, but foxing and slight mildew stains. (lists @ 35.00) 12.50 Biblical Studies, Commentary
Bruce, F.F., Epistle of Paul to the Romans (Tyndale NT Commentary) (Eerdmans, 1978) Paperback. 288pp. Very good condition, unmarked text. (lists @ 14.00) 8.50 Biblical Studies, Commentary
Buchmann & Spiegel, eds., Out of the Garden: Women Writers on the Bible (Fawcett, 1994) Hardcover. 351pp. Nearly new. (listed @ 23.00) 11.50 Biblical Studies
MacArthur, John F., The Body Dynamic: Finding Where You Fit in Today's Church (Victor, 1996) Paperback. 168pp. Like new. Out of print. 7.50 Biblical Studies, Christian Living
Cairns, Ian, Word and Presence (Deuteronomy, International Theological Commentary) (Eerdmans/Handsel, 1992) Paperback. 309pp. New. Out of print. 8.50 Biblical Studies, Commentary